The Winners of Edition 2015  


Category A –  Children and Youth Choirs 

First Place: Gioia Di Cantare – Poland (89,67 points)

Second Place: Children Choir Trallala – Czech Repubblic (85,67 points)

Third Place: Coro le Allegre Note – Italiy (84,33 points)  

Category B – Adult Choirs

First Place: Coro Note in Crescendo – Italy (93,67 points)

Second Place: Musica Choir – Finland (75,33 points)

Third Place: Tianle Choir of Zining City – China (44,67 points)


Gioia di Cantare
Gioia di Cantare from Poland. Winners of the 2015 edition, Children and Youth Choirs category.
Le Note in Crescendo
Le Note in Crescendo from Italy. Winners of the 2015 edition, Adult Choirs category.