Branko Stark – President of the Jury – Croatia

Jury 2017Branko Stark, composer, conductor and voice instructor, is a teacher at the Arts Academy (University of Split-Croatia). Has written over two hundred compositions for which he has received numerous awards. Teaches singers, choral directors, composers, actors, speech therapists, phoneticians and speakers and is also engaged in voice rehabilitation. Has participated in more than thirty scientific symposia and been guest professor at many faculties in Croatia and abroad. His speciality is hermeneutics and the voice, their scientific-pedagogic research and works published on these subjects. Holds lectures, seminars, master-classes and workshops worldwide (Argentina, China, Slovenia, Denmark, Austria, Czech Republic, France, Great Britain, Russia, USA, Korea, South Africa, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Brunei and Singapore). Is also a prominent adjudicator for many international choral competitions (Croatia, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Austria, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Japan). He is president of the Croatian Choral Directors Association, head of the Vocal Academy, a member of the International Council of the World Choir Games and Advisor for Croatia in the International Federation for Choral Music.

Fabio Pecci – Member of the Jury – Italy

Fabio Pecci, studied violoncello at Ravenna’s officially recognized “G. Verdi” Music School graduating with brilliant results. As a cellist  his busy concert activity has led him to perform in theatres and concert halls in Italy and abroad. He has been awarded prizes in many competitions and has recorded seven CDs for Tactus, Bongiovanni and other labels. He founded and directs “Le Allegre Note” treble voice choir and “Note in Crescendo” youth choir, with which he has also performed in prestigious theatres. With these two choirs he has over 400 performances, audio and television recordings to his credit. With them he also recorded three albums which include his own choral arrangements. With Note in Crescendo he has held concerts in Berlin, Saint Etienne (Lyon) and in Czech Republic. With Le Allegre Note he also took part in the production of ‘Te Deum’ by H. Berlioz, held in Bologna in October 2008, under the direction of Claudio Abbado, and was responsible for the preparation of the treble voices in Puccini’s ‘La Bohème’. Treble voice trainer and chorus master for the production of ‘Tosca’ staged for the 2010 New Year in Rimini, he was responsible for the treble voices in the production of Bizet’s ‘Carmen’ in many theatres, as well as for ‘Carmina Burana’ by C. Orff, with the soloists of the Academy of Santa Cecilia in Rome. An enthusiast of children’s vocalism, he also directs the activity of Rimini’s “Piccole Voci di Carla Amori” and “Una Canzone per Crescere” at Valconca Comprehensive School. As choir director, he has received awards and gained recognition in National and International Competitions. Since 2013 he has been a member of the  Artistic Committee of A.E.R.CO – The Regional Choirs Association. Teacher at the “Spring Festival” by FENIARCO in Montecatini 2016,  as conductor of the youth choir “Note In Crescendo” he represented the  Emilia Romagna region at the National  Choral Festival at ‘EXPO Milano 2015’.

Silvia Biasini – Member of the Jury – Italy

Silvia Biasini, was born in Cesena in 1988. Already began to study piano and composition, she got a Bachelor’s degree in Choral Conducting and Choral Composition (110 cum laude) in November 2016, at the “GB Martini” Conservatory of Music in Bologna under the guidance of Prof. Pier Paolo Scattolin and Leonardo Lollini. Currently she is attending the Master degree in Choral Conducting and the first year of the School for Choir Conductor ‘Guido d’Arezzo’ under the guidance of Lorenzo Donati, Luigi Marzola and Peter Broadbent. She also studied in deep choral conducting with Filippo Maria Bressan and Tõnu Kaljuste. Since 2009 she is conductor of the Choir Academy MusiCæsena, the MusiCæsena Vocal Group and the Incoro Children Choir. She is the artistic director of the concerts ‘Sounds and Colors’, which this year reached its fifth edition, for which she directed major events to the city such as the Mozart’s Krönungsmesse and Requiem. In September 2016 she was the master trainer for the premiere of the oratorio ‘La caduta de gl’Angeli’ for Vox Vitae Association of Porretta Terme and in November of the same year, for ‘La Passione secondo Maria’ by Matteo Malferrari organized by the Bologna Conservatory of Music. Besides an intense concerts activity, she is doing an important job to offer to the audiences an increasingly sophisticated and unusual repertoires. She teaches music in seven primary schools in the province of Forlì-Cesena. Since 2016 she is a member of the AERCO Artistic Committee and from 2017 she is the Conductor of the Regional Youth Choir of Emilia Romagna.