Polyphonia Chamber Choir – Bulgaria 

Conductor: Liudmila Gerova

Category: B (Adult Voices Choirs)

The Polyphonia Chamber Choir of Sofia was formed in 1968. In March 1969, the choir made its debut in the anonymous La Patria Choral Competition organized by Radio Sofia, winning the first prize. A  period of intense activity and creative research followed, in which the group  formed its own characteristics: a particular style from a stylistic point of view, an instrumental precision in dealing with the choral score and an original interpretation of selected bari of polyphonic Renaissance and contemporary music. Polyphonia Chamber Choir takes an active part in the musical life of Sofia and the country, offering concerts and making several recordings on the Radio and TV. The choir’s high level of interpretation found favor with the musical circles and among the critics during their tours in Italy, Belgium, Poland, Hungary, Ireland, Russia, Romania, Greece, Corsica, Spain and so on. The vast repertoire of the Polyphonia Chamber Choir includes more than three hundred works from the era of preclassicism and contemporary music. Most of these pieces are performed by the group for the first time on the Bulgarian stage, which represents an important trait of the multifaceted and original experimental work of the choir and its director, Maestro Ivelin Dimitrov, a well-known Bulgarian composer and pedagogue. After the death of Ivelin Dimitrov, in 2008, his student Liudmila Gherova assumed the artistic direction of the choir. She graduated from Sofia’s “Pancio Vladigherov” National Music Academy and has a long experience as a singer – with more than 350 solo concerts, including participation in various cantatas, oratories and operas in Bulgaria, Italy , Germany, Greece, Turkey etc. Maestro Liudmila Gherova has directed various musical ensembles. The choir’s pianist, Ivelina Ivancheva is awarded with prizes in many international competitions. She is a piano professor at Sofia’s “Pancio Vladigherov” National Music Academy.


University of Agriculture in Krakow Choir – Poland 

Conductor: Joanna Gutowska-Kuźmicz

Category: B (Adult Voices Choirs)

The University of Agriculture in Krakow Choir was founded in 2003 by the initiative of staff and students of the Horticulture Faculty. Currently it numbers 50 singers, mainly students of Horticulture, Forestry, Food Technology and Agriculture and Economics but also Agricultural University employees and PhD students. From the very beginning the choir’s artistic director has been Joanna Gutowska-Kuźmicz. The repertoire of the Choir encompasses over 60 music pieces of both sacred and secular music performed among others at concerts in different cities of Poland also in Republic of Macedonia, Italy, Ukraine, Hungary, France, the Czech Republic and Spain. The most important achievements comprise participating in several choir competitions, in which the choir has received over thirty awards. For example: the Silver Diploma at the International Festival of Advent and Christmas Music in Prague, Golden Diplomas and III Prizes at Folk Music Category and in Catalonian Music Category at the Internacional Festival Cançó Mediterrania in Spain as well as II Prize at Ohrid Choir Competition in Republic of Macedonia.


Chorus Carlostadien – Croatia

Conductor: Filip Aver Jelavić

Category: B (Adult Voices Choirs)

Chorus Carolostadien aims to spread musical culture and transmit cultural traditions onto younger generations, especially the tradition of choral singing. The choir has toured Croatia and many other countries where it has won significant prizes: a gold medal and grand prix at the International Choir Festival in Azzano Decimo (Italy) 2002, silver medal at the International Competition in Olmouc (Czech Republic) 2003, gold medal at the International Choir Competition in Verona (Italy) 2004, silver medal in Prague (Check Republic) 2005 and silver medal in Bratislava (Slovakia) 2007. For eleven years Chorus Carolostadien has been successfully representing the County of Karlovac at choir festivals and meetings organized by the Croatian cultural association. The Choir showcases sacral and secular music from Renaissance to the 21st century. It has been awarded the greatest acknowledgement for promoting musical culture in the area of Karlovac, the Republic of Croatia and abroad;  a plaquette and a bonus payment, on the occasion of celebrating the city of Karlovac. Chorus Carolostadien won a gold medal at the World Choir Games in Graz 2008 competing in the category folklore music and a silver plaquette in the category chamber choirs. In 2011 the choir was awarded a silver plaquette on the 1st festival of vocal traditional music held in Zagreb. In 2012 they were awarded a two silwer medals at the Canta al mar – Festival Coral Internacional (folk and pop music), in 2013, 2014 and 2015 a silver plaquete on the second, third and fourth traditional and sacral music festival held in Zagreb and in 2018 they received a bronze medal at the International Choral Festival Zlatna lipa Tihlja in Tuhelj, Croatia, compein in the sacred music category. The choir is conducted by Filip Aver Jelavić.


Esk Community Choir – Australia 

Conductor: Alexis FitzGerald

Category: C (Non Competitive Adult Choirs)

The Esk Community Choir is a 50 member four- part choir hailing from this small rural town in South-East Queensland, Australia. Under the Musical Direction of its founder Alexis FitzGerald OAM and with accompanist, Margaret Philp, this choir has recently celebrated its 40th year of “Service in Song”, its enviable reputation attracting members from an ever-widening radius.  Rarely are requests declined for charitable performances and the Choir is constantly in demand for performances both locally and further afield as they bring together a wealth of talent with a dynamic choral sound.    Invitations to perform at the Sydney Opera House with International Choirs and more recently, at St Paul’s Cathedral, London and as part of Holy Mass at Salzburg Dom have been hallmarks of this Choir’s achievements. On this occasion, this 30member SATB Esk Touring Choir and Ensemble are thrilled to be embarking on their 5th International performance tour embracing many of Italy’s glorious towns and cities as they present selections from a diverse choral repertoire. Performing songs both Sacred and Secular, from the Romantic era to present day including works by many Australian composers and enriched by a shared passion of music with other local and International Choirs, it is the hope of this little Choir from “Down Under” that audiences will take with them an inspiring and memorable musical experience.


Ensemble Vocale Femminile Kastalia – Italy  

Conductor: Eugenio Dalla Noce

Category: B (Adult Voices Choirs)

The KASTALIA Female Vocal Ensemble of Arezzo was born from the desire of the choir singers to recognize themselves in a group for which singing together in harmony is the absolute priority, shared without reserve by the conductor Eugenio Dalla Noce. He is firmly convinced that in a choir, first of all, the engines to create a true set of voices must be empathy and listening. This means that each of the choristers participates in the activities of the choir for the pleasure of combining their voices with other voices, in search of beauty in making music. The choice of the name refers to the Ninfa which, according to Greek mythology, gave its name to the source that is still visible today in Delphi on the Parnassus, seat of the oracle of Apollo. The source Kastalia was sacred to the Muses and the girls bathed their hair in its water as sung by the choir of women in Euripides’s The Phoenicians. The dragonfly of our logo represents the transformation and teaches us to look ahead, always! It is a symbol of peace, water, earth and wind in various cultures and it encourages us in song, in the continuous search for creativity, bearer of beauty. The KASTALIA is a choir of equal female voices that performs a cappella music and not, from the Gregorian to the works of contemporary authors, with particular attention to the female figure, be she composer or protagonist of the text. The choir has participated in numerous exhibitions especially in central Italy, enriching its experience with the participation also in projects such as La Piazza Incantata in Naples and the Requiem in Duruflè with Maestro Luigi Marzola in Arezzo. In June 2017 they participated in the COROPIÙ Regional Tuscan Competition, winning the 1st prize for the best choral project and was classified in the Excellence band for the quality of execution. For the care of vocality they are proud of the collaboration with M ° Mya Fracassini and they participate in various study seminars and executive study.


Children’s Choir TRALLALA – Czech Republic 

Conductor: Beata Brzóska

Category: A (Children and Youth Choirs)

Children’s Choir TRALLALA as founded in 2004 in a grammar school for Polish speaking pupils in Český Těšín, Czech Republic. The main goal of the founder and director of choir Beata Brzóska is to bring their pupils to the very special and great side of choral music and to discover possibilities of their own voices and body language. The children have the possibility to stay in the choir also after graduating school until they are 18.  At the moment there are about 90 young singers in the choir, divided into two groups. The concert choir consists of about 40 selected pupils. The choir has participated regularly in various national festivals and competitions and also has some experiences from foreign competitions in Europe. They have, among other successes received the first prize at Mundi Cantant Competition Olomouc 2007 (sacred music category), Vánocni Akordy 2009, 2010 and 2013, 60th Neerpelt European Music Festival for Young People 2012, Ohrid Choir Festival in Macedonia 2013 and gold diplomas at Queen of the Adriatic Sea in Italy 2015, Mundus Cantat” in Poland 2016 and International Festival of Choir Songs in Poland 2017.



Coro di Voci Bianche di Rimini – Italy  

Conductor: Elvira Massani

Category: A (Children and Youth Choirs)

The Rimini Children’s Choir is the choir of the Istituto Comprensivo Alighieri, it represents the school and they practice after school hours. It consists of about 40 singers chosen from among the best voices of the school. The choral activity began in the 2003/2004 school year directed by prof. Maria Elvira Massani and has continued uninterruptedly until today. They received the patronage from the Municipality of Rimini in 2012. The activity aims to promote singing as an expression of artistic beauty, of joy of expression and integration among the participants. Students of various nationalities (China, Africa, Latin America, Ukraine, Russia etc.) participate in the choir. The repertoire is very vast: traditional songs, spirituals, operas, film soundtracks, songs and madrigals from 1500-1600 up to three voices and light music. Every year the choir participates in competitions and concerts: the Christmas concert in various contexts and in the city squares, singing in retirement homes for the elderly and in the Rimini hospital. They have been invited for several years to sing on the occasion of the Police Festival. They’ve performed at inaugurations of exhibitions, book releases and commemorations of famous people. Every year they perform with the school orchestra at the final show and they sing in other schools to introduce the choir to young people. In June 2007 the choir was ranked first in the national competition in Sogliano and it hosted a Russian choir from which it drew inspiration for the repertoire. They have participated successfully in the choral competition organized by the Marri Foundation of Faenza several times and in 2018 they won the 1st prize at the choir festival organized by Ragazzi e Cinema of Igea Marina as well as the 2nd prize at the Competition of Città di Riccione. The Choir was chosen to participate in the inauguration at national level of the new school year 2018/2019 in the presence of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella and the major authorities of the State, an event that took place on 17 September 2018 on the Island of Elba. In 2019 they won, for the second time, the 1st prize at the Ragazzi e Cinema Choral Festival.