Choir Gioia di Cantare  – Poland

Director : Renata Szerafin-Wojtowicz

Gioia di CantareChoir Gioia di Cantare consists of over 60 school students, aged 12-16. It was founded in 1994 by Renata Szerafin-Wojtowicz. The choir mostly performs secular and sacred pieces of Polish and European contemporary composers. Its repertoire is enriched by pieces of earlier epochs as well as music inspired by folklore. It also performed vocal-instrumental masterpieces, e.g. ‘Stabat Mater’ by G. Pergolesi. Choir has won numerous prestigious prizes, recently: Grand Prix – Eisiskes, Lithuania 2014, Grand Prix – Torun, Poland 2014, Gold Medal and Best Conductor Prize – Venice, Italy 2013, Grand Prix and Best Conductor Prize – Grudziadz, Poland 2012, Grand Prix and Best Conductor Prize – Malcesine, Italy 2010. Besides participation in festivals and contests, it had concerts at Royal Castle in Warsaw, Vienna (Austria), Rome (Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica, singing at audience with Pope John Paul II in 1998), Florence, Lucca, San Gimignano, Malcesine (Italy), Paris (France), Coimbra (Portugal), Switzerland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Spain and Greece.


Tianle Choir – China 

Conductor: Lu Qing

Tianle choirThe Tianle choir was formally established in May 2010. In this moment it consists of about 130 members. The Tianle choir participates every year in more than 40 performance. The choir has already won 10 awards in competition of district level. On April 2014, in Taiwan, the choir has won a golden medal in an important International Choral Festival and Competition.






Childrens Choir Trallala – Czech Republic

Conductor: Beata Brzóska

Trallala_pictureChildren choir TRALLALA was founded in 2004 in Grammar school for Polish speaking pupils in Ceský Tešín – Czech Republic. The main goal of the founder and the director of choir Beata Brzoska is to bring their pupils to the very special and great side of choir music and to discover possibilities of their own voices and body language. Children have the possibility to stay in the choir also after graduating the school until 18th year of life. Nowadays there are about 70 young singers in the choir divided into two groups. The concert choir consist about 35 selected pupils. Choir have been joining regularly on various festivals and competition in the country and has also has some experience from foreign competitions. The most important success are Golden medal on the Mundi Cantant competition in 2007 in Sacred music, and Third award on International May Choir Competition in Varna – Bulgaria in 2010 and 2014. In 2012 on 60th European Music Festival for Young People in Neerpelt choir won 1st price. The choir won 1st prize on Ohrid Choir Festival 2013 in Macedonia.


Musica Choir – Finland

Conductor: Pekka Kostiainen

Musica_Choir_pictureThe Musica Choir was founded under the aegis of the Jyväskylä University Department of Musicology in 1977 and has been conducted by the composer Pekka Kostiainen. During its over 35 year history the choir’s repertoire is wide, taking in folk, Renaissance and Baroque music, sacred works and contemporary music. This last has always been part of the Musica Choirs’ repertoire because one of the leading goals is to serve as living musical culture instrument for contemporary composers. A crucial part of the choirs training consists of regular voice training with Minja Niiranen. Including its harmony the Musica has won recognition for its interpretation of the musical moods and texts. As an indication of this the Musica was rewarded with 3 gold stamps in the Tampere Vocal Music Festival 2013. The latest international choir festival partaken was in Olomouc, Czech Republic 2012 in which the choir was chosen as The Absolute Winner of the festival. The Musica has had the privilege to record music composed by its conductor in Alba Records ‘Kostiainen conducts Kostiainen’ recording series.


Le Allegre Note – Italy

Conductor: Fabio Pecci


The children’s choir Le Allegre Note was founded in 2000 as a school project. In more than 14 years of its activity the choir (which later became a ‘youth choir’) has had more than 300 concerts and performances in many different cities. Among the events of major significance we remember: 1) January 2005: Le Allegre Note was invited to sing the soundtrack of the famous Italian film ‘La vita è bella’ by Roberto Benigni. 2) October 2008: the Choir presented ‘Te Deum’ by H. Berlioz directed by Maestro Claudio Abbado. 3) 2009: debut in the panorama of opera with the ‘Bohème’ and ‘Tosca’. 4) May 2010: a concert for the Ministry of Education, University and Research in occasione of the National Day of Music at Rome. 5) August 2010: Carmina Burana at Rimini with the percussionists of Santa Cecilia. 6) April 2013: the absolute winner at the 5th International Competition ‘Città di Treviso’ with the maximum of marks. 7) May 2013 and 2014: the absolute winner in the Competition for Children’s Choirs ‘Città di Faenza’.


Semper Iuvenes Youth Choir – Poland

Conductor: Renata Szerafin-Wojtowicz

Semper IuvenesSemper Iuvenes Torun Music School Youth Choir has been working under Renata Szerafin-Wójtowicz directorship since September 1997. It actively participates in artistic activities of the Music School and many local events in its hometown, giving concerts and embellishing main ceremonies with music. The choir takes part in school composer’s concerts, performing young composers’ premiere pieces. Although the primary repertoire of Semper Iuvenes consists of a capella music, the choir also sung pieces with orchestra, e.g. ”Missa Criolla” by A. Ramirez, “Gloria” by A. Vivaldi. In 2010 the choir recorded a CD with Christmas carols. “Semper Iuvenes” has toured with concerts in Europe: Greece, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Czech Republic, Lithuania. “Semper Iuvenes” has been awarded many prestigious prizes, including: 2nd Prize in Neerpelt, Belgium 2000, twice Grand Prix in Torun, Poland 2000, 2008, Silver Medal in Preveza, Greece 2001, Silver Medal in Olomouc, Czech Republic 2005, five times 1st Prize in Lodz, Poland 2001, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2010, Gold Medal in Eisiskes, Lithuania 2014.


Le Note in Crescendo – Italy

Conductor: Fabio Pecci

Note_in_Crescendo_pictureThe Choir Le Note in Crescendo was founded in 2004 like an emanation of the Choir ‘Le Allegre Note’. The Choir has already had more than 300 performances in theatres and concert halls throughout Italy, performing also with symphony orchestras and prestigious groups like The Percussionists of Santa Cecilia. The choir participated in ‘Carmina Burana’ by C. Orff in Italy and in TV transmissions.  In 2007 the Choir won the First Price in Competition ‘Voci e Cori Città di Riccione’. Le Note in Crescendo sang in Berlin, Saint Etiènne, Chotebor (Czech Rep.), Tarnow (near Krakow, Poland). In 2009 the choir won a Bronze Diploma at the International Competition ‘Città di Rimini’, in the category ‘mixed voices’. The youngest members have performed in 2008, in Bologna, the ‘Te Deum’ by H. Berlioz directed by Maestro Claudio Abbado. The concert was broadcasted by the main Italian TV channel, Rai 1. Le Note in Crescendo is nominated to represent the Emilia Romagna region at the choral performance at EXPO 2015 in Milan.